Monday, January 30, 2012

zhariff 1 year old

happy birthday to my lil, cutie pie
zhariff izzat khair

semoga menjadi anak yang soleh
dengar kata,baik budi pekerti,hormat orang tua

to my cute prince,

The minute that I saw you

I fell so deeply in love

I was so in awe of you

I swore you were an angel from above.

I love you more and more each day

You bring me so much joy

To me you are an angel

The most special little boy.

I could sit and watch you

Smile and laugh and coo

For hours everyday

I wish I had nothing else to do.

I am writing this just for you

so that you will know

How very much I love you

From the top of your head

To the tip of your toe

No words could ever really express

How much that I love you

How my world is fuller now

And how much that I adore you.

I will always be next to you

Watching over every step you take

I promise to guide you

Through decisions you must make.

Please go through life now

Be the best person you can

I will always be with you

From being my precious little baby

To being a grown up man.

to mommypapa,

Just 12 short months ago

i made my big debut

so now i'd like to celebrate
my 1st Birthday with you
My little hands play patty-cake
they peek-a-boo and wave....
they catch me while i learn to walk
and splash me as i bathe
they hold the fingers tightly
and touch your heart so deep
my little hands reach out to you
for hugs before i sleep...
my little hands are tiny now continued
but yours will serve to guide me
and when i'm grown i'll still reach out
and know you're right beside me



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