Tuesday, February 28, 2012

susu sedap buat zhariff

alhamdulillah akhirnya zhariff sesuai juga minum Friso Gold 3 ni.mulemule memang die agak menolak siap campak botol susunya.tapi bila nak tido cube juga bagi.terus die minum habiskan gitu..susah juga nak susu yang sesuai dengan anak kita rupenye ye kawankawan.macammacam susu jugala aku try.dengan nak cari sample bagai..kalau korang nak tahu pasal Friso ni boleh ke laman web nye.boleh juga request for sample.


Ini aku share kan sikit tentang susu Friso ni..

Importance Of Good Immunity

Friso® Gold believes that a strong start in life should begin the moment a life is conceived in the womb. As long as a child is equipped with a solid immune system from an early age, he can venture out to explore and learn at the fullest potential safely and healthily.

Understanding the immune system

A healthy digestive system is vital for a person’s well-being as it is the site for food digestion, nutrient absorption and residence of friendly bacteria. It houses almost 70% of all antibody-producing cells, making it the body’s largest immune organ.

A good immune system shields us from harmful bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and allergens from the outside, and malignant cells that dwell within our bodies. Without it, the body will be prone to malnourishment and major illnesses and diseases, such as angina, flu, cough, cold and high fever.

Start strong in life by building a healthy gut, so that you can experience the best with your full potential.

Ini pula aku share tentang Friso Gold 3 yang zhariff tengah minum atau amalkan..

Friso Gold 3

When mums are working, kids are playing. And kids being kids, they love exploring new things. This at times could be a matter of deep concern for mums. Which is why, we decided to arm mothers with Friso® Gold with P2 Dual System™.

Friso® Gold is specially formulated with P2 Dual System™, which contains Friso® Synbiotic Agent, a combination of 2 Prebiotics and 2 Probiotics (Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus paracasei).

How effective is the Friso® Synbiotic Agent?
A study has revealed that children who received Synbiotics – a combination of Prebiotics and Probiotics – showed lower frequency of diarrhoea and allergy1.

Prebiotics help increase intestinal bifidobacteria and maintain good intestinal environment. Healthy live bacteria may help in reducing diarrhoea cases.2

It also contains DHA, AA3 and SA, which speed up information relay between brain cells, which aid a growing child’s overall development.
P2 Dual System

With Friso® Gold with P2 Dual System™, you can allow your child to explore his world and at the same time, giving you peace of mind at work.

Friso® Gold - Protecting your little one from the inside.

sekarang tengah kempen deperti di atas.jom beramairamai pergi..hehe

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